Three Sods Brewery

Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Commitment

Three Sods Brewery are committed to environmental sustainability.

StepneyCityFarmStepney City Farm
We donate all our spent grain to this local inner city farm.  The spent grain goes to feed the pigs and chickens.  This not only saves the farm money and give it a local food source.  It also helps to prevent deforestation of the rainforest (that’s where normal pig food comes from) and cuts down on C02 emissions from transport.


We are committed to suppling beer locally.  Our commitment is that any journey that can be done by public transport, foot or bike will be. Be that delivering barrels or bottles to collecting empties.



DaveBeerTasteBethnal Green Working Mens Club
The Beer we provide The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club and Our Tap Room travels 10 metres from the brewery to the bar.